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LightWay Ministries Bible Institute

Welcome to LightWay Ministries Bible Institute! We're here to assist you on your journey to learning more about God's Inspired Word, the Bible. It is only through God's revelation that we learn more about Him and how to become more like His Son, Jesus Christ. Our programs will help you to discover the riches of God's Word and the abundant life that He offers to each of us who trusts in His Son.

If you've been looking for a program that will help you to discover more about the Bible, you need look no further! We have a comprehensive program that will take you through both the Old and New Testaments in an interesting and relevant fashion. There is no better day than today to begin your studies.

We offer you these resources including a commentary for the particular course of study , Old Testament and or New Testament or a combination of them both.  The course is supplied to you  in CD format for so that you can study at your own pace and have them available for future use and reference.  Please review our program which identifies the requirements for completion of the Old and New testaments certifications and  course cost.  click here 

We also offer a linkable resource tool click here so that you can do more in-depth studies of the Bible in a variety of versions and commentaries.

We have included a frequently asked questions section which address comments previously posed to us.  Click Here

Take your time and look over our website. We are here to serve you and do everything that we can to make your study both challenging and enjoyable. If you have any questions, just write us by clicking here  bi@lightwayministries.com .